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Post Resettlement Services

RIAC staff pride themselves on maintaining relationships with their former clients. Our clients know that after their Reception & Placement period ends they can return to us for support. The Post-Resettlement Refugee Support Services vary with our clients’ needs, but can include anything from referrals to outside agencies to assistance with cultural adjustment and economic self-sufficiency.  Although these services are primarily for refugees who were resettled through our organization, RIAC also helps qualified refugees who were resettled through other agencies.

  • Orientation to Community, Culture and Mainstream Services
    • After arrival, refugee families participate in a comprehensive orientation period. This orientation covers a variety of topics and assists newly arrived families in adjusting to life in and around Boston.
  • Medical Services
    • RIAC assists our clients in navigating the healthcare system to ensure a healthy transition to life in the United States. We work alongside refugees and immigrants to help them access health insurance, receive proper referrals and overall understand the system.
  • Community Counseling
    • RIAC offers community based mental health and social support programs through our clinic at the Boston office. Our clinic is focused on the unique needs of refugees and immigrants and provides services in a variety of languages. For more information on the clinic you can click here.
  • Employment Services
    • RIAC assists adults in entering into the workforce through various employment programs.
  • Benefit Programs
    • Newly arrived refugees and immigrants are sometimes eligible for government sponsored benefit programs such as Refugee Cash Assistance or Food Stamps. RIAC assists our clients in navigating these system to ensure they receive appropriate assistance.
  • Citizenship Services
    • As part of our mission to foster civic engagement and skills, we provide citizenship services at the Center to refugees and immigrants. Under the PRCS program, RIAC assists clients applying for a Permanent Resident Card commonly called a “green card”. For more information on our citizenship services you can click here.
  • Youth Adjustment Services
    • RIAC provides refugee youth with a variety of opportunities to facilitate community and school adjustment. The objective of RIAC’s Refugee Youth projects is to foster success among refugee youth by the meeting the academic, recreational, cultural enrichment and intergenerational needs of refugee youth. RIAC staff members can help facilitate communication by serving as liaisons between parents, students, and school administrators as well as by addressing the issues that interfere with successful integration into schools.