Health Services

RIAC in partnership with local health providers provides culturally and linguistically-appropriate comprehensive health outreach and education. We seek to safeguard and improve the health of refugees and immigrants through programs such as:

– HIV/AIDS Awareness Program –

  • Preventive education drives and workshops
  • Individual and family testing, support and counseling services
  • Assistance, consultation, and referral for social and medical services

– Preventive Health Services –
RIAC refers community based preventive health services designed to assist served population access, improve and benefit from health service.
Referral Services Include:

  • Provide access to health care for pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women and children
  • Healthy foods and nutrition information drives
  • Support and Counsel for victims of depression and domestic violence
  • Provide counseling and education for the prevention of substance abuse and youth crime

– African Men’s Health Disparities Initiative – AIMH
RIAC in partnership with the MA Department of Public Health is working on ways to improve health outcomes and the reduction of health disparities for African-born men in Massachusetts. The initiative seeks:

  • To gather date on community needs, system gaps, and best practices in serving African-born men.
  • To strategically outline culturally and linguistically-appropriate policies, programs, and practices to improve outcome and reduce disparities for the target population