Post-Resettlement Community Services (PRCS) –

As part of our mission to foster civic engagement and skills, we provide citizenship services at the Center to refugees and immigrants. Under the PRCS program, RIAC assists clients applying for a Permanent Resident Card commonly called a “green card”.

Services include:

  • Completing and filing green card applications and related documents
  • Providing critical information, translation and interpretation relating to the filing process
  • Following up on pending cases in a timely manner
  • Tracking cases and maintain records and reports for reference

– Citizenship –
As part of our continued effort to intergrate and enable newcomers to fully participate in our nation and commonwealth, RIAC provides Citizenship Classes.
The classes:

  • Prapare for the citizenship exam
  • Prepare eligible clients for U.S. Citizenship Interview
  • Assist with naturalization process and requirements
  • Stress the importance of voting and general civic participaition, U.S. history and governm