Interested in Volunteering?

We have received a flood of interest in volunteering over the past couple of weeks, and are developing a broader slate of volunteer opportunities than we have had in the past. Many of these will be on an as-needed basis. This provides flexibility to both volunteers and clients, especially if you are unavailable during weekday business hours.

Volunteer opportunities may include:

– Transportation (picking up/dropping off donations, transporting clients to/from appointments, assisting with airport pick-ups)

– Help with community events (such as the World Refugee Day block party we held last weekend)

– Translation assistance

– Assist families with daily tasks (locating grocery stores, using public transportation, etc.)

– Accompany families on fun activities in the area (exploring Boston landmarks, visiting parks and museums, etc.)

– Cultural orientation and English speaking practice


If you are interested, please send the following information to Gabrielle at Riac@RiacBoston.org:

Name, Address, Phone Number, Email 

Access to a car/willingness to assist with transportation? If so, how many seats? Do you have car seats for children?

Do you speak any languages other than English?

What days/times are you available to volunteer? We will try not to bother you with requests that do not match your schedule.

What days/times are you available to come to RIAC for a 1-hour orientation session? This will most likely be a weekday evening.

Once we have this information we will schedule an orientation session and begin contacting you with opportunities to volunteer. If you have any questions please contact Gabrielle at Riac@RiacBoston.org.