RIAC Donations

Interested in making a monetary donation to support refugee and immigrant assistance services? Click Here.

Looking to donate new or gently used goods? Please read below regarding donations RIAC is able/unable to accept. If you have donations RIAC accepts, please fill out the Donation Inquiry Form and submit to Riac@RiacBoston.org Donation Inquiry Form


What We Accept / Do Not Accept

  • Adult and children’s clothing
    • With the exception of coats in fall and winter, we DO NOT accept new or used clothing
    • Any used coats must be freshly cleaned and in good condition
  • Baby goods
    • Diapers and wipes are appreciated on an ongoing basis. We prefer that you order these online for direct delivery to our office
    • If used, strollers, car seats and like items must be clean and undamaged
    • Cribs, changing tables and other large items: see “Furniture”
  • Household goods
    • Our greatest need is for utilitarian items: kitchen utensils, hangers, cleaning supplies, bath tissue, etc.
    • Many of our clients live in small spaces and have little need for non-essentials (e.g. vases, candles, decorative items)
    • We DO NOT accept used bedding, towels, rugs or other soft goods. This kind of item must be new
  • School and office supplies
    • Back-to-school items are greatly appreciated in July and August
    • We prefer that you order these online for direct delivery to our office
  • Furniture
    • Due to limited storage capacity, we are usually unable to accept furniture
    • If you have furniture to donate please contact us
  • Toys and books
    • We accept toys and books only occasionally
    • We DO NOT accept used stuffed animals or other soft toys that are difficult to clean
  • Food
    • We DO NOT accept any food items.
  • If you have items outside these categories please contact us and we will let you know if they would be of use

How to Donate

  • RIAC has limited capacity to store donations, and the needs of our clients are always changing. For these reasons, ALL DONATIONS MUST BE APPROVED BY RIAC STAFF IN ADVANCE.
  • First, complete the Donation Inquiry form with details of your donation and submit it to us by email at Riac@RiacBoston.org. Donation Inquiry Form
  • Once your donation inquiry has been reviewed, a staff member will contact you to let you know what items we can accept and make arrangements for delivery.
  • Please DO NOT include items in your donation that were not approved by RIAC staff, as they may be refused.
  • All donations must be delivered to RIAC or another location specified by our staff. Deliveries to the RIAC office are accepted Monday-Thursday, 10am-4pm.
  • If you are donating NEW items, please consider purchasing them online and having them shipped directly to our office. You can then confirm the donation with us by providing the order details and expected delivery date.
  • Once a donation has been received, RIAC will send an acknowledgment letter that you can keep for your records.