Support Recently Arrived Refugees

Donate Goods

When refugees arrive in Boston we like to provide them with a welcome basket of basic household goods necessary for day to day life. This list is a basic outline of what to include in a basket. If you are interested in donating a welcome basket to an arriving family, please email us at or call our Boston office at 617-238-2430.

Support a Recently Arrived Family

After refugee families arrive in Boston, it often takes some time to adjust and find jobs. In this in between time refugees are focused on learning English, navigating our healthcare system, becoming familiar with public transportation, enrolling their kids in school, etc. If you are interested in making a monetary donation to a family to assist them in this adjustment period (going towards rent payments, groceries, etc.) please e-mail us at or call our Boston office at 617-238-2430. If you are open to making a more general donation which supports our services and programs along with an emergency fund for refugee families, you can do so online through our donation page.